PR consultant Angela Belassie had been running her business for nearly two years and wanted to take it to the next level. She found running her own business could be lonely and believed an objective third party could offer valuable insight.

Richard worked with Angela to identity who she liked working with and why – then how to get in front of them.

He worked with her over several sessions to put together a business strategy, a better pricing plan and adjust marketing material to attract her ideal client. In just a few months she found she had a steadier flow of work, was more confident about her pricing and in a position to turn work away if did not suit her values.

Angela credits the mentoring with tripling her profit within a year.

1. Why did you decide to use a business coach?

I felt as if my business had started to stagnate. Also, I was extremely busy, a little stressed, and didn’t feel as if my achievements or income reflected my efforts. I decided I needed clearer direction and that a good business coach would help me to achieve this.

2.Why did use Richard Tidswell and Business Drs?

The Business Drs had been recommended to me by other business contacts. I had met Richard at several events and always found him easy to talk to. I explained my situation and he agreed to meet for a coffee. I researched his work and found he had over two decades’ experience in launching and developing businesses. But, more importantly, I found him to be insightful, knowledgeable and he quickly understood the issues I was facing. He also told me about Growth Voucher funding for business coaching, which I applied for and was awarded.

3.How did you find the coaching?

After just one session I came away with a much clearer vision of what I wanted from my business and who I wanted to work with. I looked forward to our meetings and it was an opportunity to raise concerns with a neutral party. I also had homework, which meant I got on with many things I’d been planning to do for my own business but tended to put on a back burner. As well as working together to put a strategy in place, it was an opportunity to put things into perspective.

4.How has the work benefited you?

I feel as if I have regained control. Before I was overly busy and didn’t have time to set out clear objectives. We are still working on an overall strategy, but already I have a clearer business vision and understanding of how to achieve it. I now feel more comfortable turning work away, if appropriate, but my income is more stable than before.

5. Would you recommend Richard?

Definitely. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but a down-to-earth approach.

6. Anything to add?

Richard is easy to talk to and helped put me in touch with various useful contacts, which was outside of his remit as a business coach. Business coaching has been extremely valuable for me and I believe many business owners could benefit from it. To get the most out of it, it helps to do your homework and take the advice on board.