Are you operating a business that holds an MTA license and looking to upskill your workforce? Malta Enterprise, in partnership with the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS), has introduced a new initiative aimed at enhancing the skill sets of employees by offering up to a 50% subsidy to employers in the form of tax credits through the Skills Pass Support measure.

The Significance of the Skills Pass Support Initiative

The Skills Pass Support initiative is designed with a dual objective: to make the Skills Pass more accessible to existing employees and to foster a more competent and competitive workforce. By alleviating some of the financial burdens associated with obtaining the Skills Pass, this scheme aims to significantly benefit the tourism and hospitality sector.

Key Aspects of the Initiative:

  • Subsidy for Employers: Employers can receive up to 50% of the costs associated with obtaining the Skills Pass for their employees, provided as a tax credit.
  • Support for Existing Employees: The initiative specifically targets existing non-European employees, ensuring they can continue working in Malta with enhanced skill sets.
  • Mandatory Skills Pass: As of May 28th, the Skills Pass is mandatory for all new non-EU/EEA/EFTA employees. Existing employees will need to present the Skills Pass for work permit renewals starting from January 2025, with all current EU/EFTA employees required to have it by January 2026.

Impact on the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The tourism and hospitality industry in Malta is poised to benefit immensely from this initiative. By investing in the skill development of their workforce, employers can ensure higher service standards, which in turn can lead to increased customer satisfaction and business growth. Additionally, the initiative helps retain valuable non-European employees, thereby maintaining the stability and continuity of the workforce.

The Skills Pass Support initiative represents a significant step towards elevating the standards within Malta’s tourism and hospitality industry. By supporting employers in upskilling their employees, Malta Enterprise and ITS are fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence. As this initiative rolls out, it presents a unique opportunity for businesses to enhance their service offerings and remain competitive in an evolving market.

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