The importance of having a strong team

A company or business is more than just the branding, its operations, and the product or service it gives. A successful business is run by a strong group of people who work hand-in-hand towards the same goals and aspirations and support each other through the challenges that they might face. Whether a business overcomes such challenges positively, depends hugely on the people behind it.

It is familiar for employers to expect their employees to work well together in a team, smoothly and perform to their best of abilities, forgetting that these people have very different skills, strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and traits. Working as a team is required in all industries and having a reliable and efficient workforce is perceived to occur organically and without much effort. One might have duties on the job that require individual work, but these tasks would still be part of a greater scheme of things that work in achieving the same goals in the long-run.

Building a great team is a challenge in itself, however it can be achieved with dedication, preparation and best practices put into place. Respecting each other and identifying as a team can be hugely beneficial to both the business, as well as to the overall employee satisfaction as it creates purpose and a stronger sense of identity. Working in an environment that encourages team building will ultimately result in your employees feeling more connected and be more efficient.

Personality profiling for building your team

Understanding the personality of the individuals that make up your workforce has many benefits that will feed into your company’s growth, efficiency and overall success. Results from a psychometric test is proven to be very useful as it gives an idea of the characteristics of that person and helps with putting them in the most suited role. Nowadays it has become increasingly popular for businesses to carry out personality assessments for developing a streamlined team or hiring new individuals for various positions.

Implementing these assessments for employees can be highly advantageous as these allow the employer to gain some insight into the character, skills, motivations, interests and qualities of an individual. It also helps with understanding whether a person would fit and perform in a role effectively.
When an employee feels that they are a good fit in their job role and can put their best abilities to the forefront, it increases drastically their satisfaction and motivation while at work. By catering to the individuality of your employees, productivity and efficiency are optimised enabling for a better work environment.

Finding the right fit for a specific role

By having role profiles which outline the ideal traits, skills and characteristics that would fit the particular job role, gives the employer a general idea of what to look out for. With a selection of profiles from various sectors and roles within industries, we can help you with building a team with the right strengths and skills sets required while also working symbiotically together. Whether the opportunities are in operations, support, management, services, IT or sales, we will help you with tailoring a profile and creating a career development strategy for the individual that would benefit both professional and personal growth.

Licensed by our Canadian partners, the SMG Group, we provide you with predictive tools for profiling individuals, offer coaching and career management, while working hands-on with you to help build a workforce that will make your business a success.

Team building through psychometric profiling

By profiling existing or potential staff, employees will benefit from a number opportunities:

  • They can be more self-aware and realize their capabilities and challenges
  • Be more aware of diversity and value how their team fits within the organisation
  • Enhancing performance and efficiency by improving communication between individuals
  • Resolve conflicts within teams and builds relationships
  • Plan an effective career strategy
  • Support the organisational development process
  • Recruitment tool for middle-management and higher top positions
  • Measures employees’ personality traits
  • Possible for any job position