The Government of Malta recently announced that they will be issuing €100 worth in vouchers to residents which can be spent across a total of 25,000 local establishments.

In the coming days, businesses will now be able to set up their online accounts via a voucher system administered by MIMCOL. Eligible companies would have first received a registered letter with details and an activation code. Through an easy-to-follow 10-step activation process you would be able to activate your account by inserting this unique code within the app. This app will then facilitate the transactions made with these vouchers from clients and get your payments credited daily directly to the registered credit card.

Residents will receive a total of 5 €20 vouchers, 4 of which can be used at Hotels, Accommodation, Restaurants, Bars and Diving Schools, while one of them is to be used for retail and services provided by businesses that had to stop operations due to legal notices published in March of 2020.

Upon the receipt of one of these vouchers by a customer, businesses are required to verify authenticity under a UV light and then scan the QR code on the voucher and the VAT receipt associated with the client’s bill. All vouchers are to be kept until submitted to MIMCOL.

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