Through various schemes the European Union (EU) and local government provide funding opportunities for a wide range of projects covering the following main areas:

  • Regional & Urban Development
  • Employment & Social Inclusion
  • Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Maritime & Fisheries Policies
  • Research & Innovation
  • Humanitarian Aid

Who manages these Funds?

More than 76% of the EU Funds are managed through partnerships between national and EU authorities trough a ‘shared management system. In order to obtain funding, one would then liaise with local authorities to serve as an intermediary body (IB).

Direct funds are those which are managed by the European Union and are usually announced through issuing a call for proposals for specific projects relating to EU policies.

Who can apply?

Each fund and its related schemes has its own eligibility criteria, however, funding can be obtained by:

  • Businesses ranging from entrepreneurs and start-ups to large enterprises encompassing various sectors
  • Researchers
  • NGOs
  • Young People
  • Farmers and Rural Businesses


We shall be looking into different types of funding.


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