Shaun Hiscox & Chris Evans (Co-Directors) – Castra

“As a fast pace financial services company we understand that from time to time, it is important to stop and reflect. We engaged Matt Preece from the Business Doctors who came and undertook a no obligation diagnostics on our business to see what was going well and what was not going so well. What struck us most with Matt was how approachable he was and how sincere he was, he was not interested in papering a crack with a ban aid, he really wanted to get on the pitch and coach. Matt has helped us from things such as recruitment to staff engagement to one-to-one staff coaching on standards and behaviours.

Matt has a number of tools in his bag to do the job and is fantastic when it comes to analysing what tool is the right tool for each job. Matt is very forward thinking with his questions to really understand how he can help the business and add true value. Whilst I was always  sceptical about business coaches, Matt put those concerns to bed with his genuine and customer centric approach, whilst putting our business at the heart of everything he does.”