Paul Elliott – St Michael’s Coastal Cottages

St Michael’s Coastal Cottages

We met John Pomeroy at an FSB ‘Preparing to sell your business” conference. Had he been a preacher and we’d been in church it would have felt if God was speaking directly to us! His insight into our small business experience was very reassuring. We were ‘converted’ and having decided to sell our business we commissioned John to act as our business advisor to help us through this process.

John was a great listener, gave excellent advice, assisted us gather the relevant information to prepare a portfolio, set us homework, arranged a neutral venue, pitched our sale to potential buyers, facilitated face to face meetings with shortlisted potential buyers and in turn helped us clinch an excellent deal which was perfect for our own clients as well as for us.

As soon as we met John we knew we would get along with each other well. He is approachable, not dismissive, personable, supportive, but straight talking and importantly he knows his stuff. Based on our very satisfactory experience and sales outcome we can highly recommend John to anyone contemplating selling their business.