Stuart Deacon – Shooting Reels Ltd

Following Jason’s support over the past 15 months, it’s our pleasure to explain the support and recommend his help. We had made the decision to speak with Jason French at Business Doctors about our growth ambitions and Strategy when COVID hit and shut down most of our operations.

We therefore had the time to plan, and Jason put together and ran a Strategic Planning process purely online. The four-hour sessions took us through the stages of Vision and Purpose, a detailed look at our market, organisational design, roles, and responsibilities and helped us make critical decisions.

The resulting growth plan reviewed pricing and created a new customer base. As a result, we launched our recovery, having invested in new capabilities, increasing our staff from a team of five to nine with more on the way.

After the strategy, we have continued to attend Jason French’s webinars and workshops on various topics to add context to the already running plans.