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Assess the Impact of Brexit on your Business



Malta Enterprise has recently launched the Brexit Impact Check, an online questionnaire designed for business owners to help them assess the negative impact brought on by Brexit. Through these series of questions, one can better understand how they were affected, and seek assistance on the following matters as needed: exports, imports, services, supply, transport, digital services, and intellectual property rights.

The new website is also a good source of information for businesses who follow the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and need help with gauging the full extent of the repercussions on their business.

The advice issued following the questionnaire submission is based on the situation as it is now, and on the Trade and Cooperation and withdrawal agreements between the European Union and the United Kingdom. Malta Enterprise plans to keep updating with more relevant information along the way as the effect on businesses in relation to the Trade and Cooperation Agreement is further analysed once put into practice.

Visit Malta Enterprise to do the test and get in touch with us for a free no-obligation session focused to help you analyse your options and re-strategise your goals.