Edcel Limited

Over the last 9 months as I’ve started my first business, Simon has mentored me and given me enormously helpful guidance, encouragement and moral support.

Every time I speak to Simon I suddenly see the light (or rather, he does) and can see a clear strategy on each of the issues I currently felt blocked on or uncertain how to proceed. When I describe the challenges I’m experiencing or the things I’m unsure about, Simon immediately produces good, simple, concrete ideas for what I can do next or things I hadn’t thought of trying.

He also asks quick, targeted questions which rapidly reveal to me the most important things I hadn’t thought of doing.

Whether it’s managing my time, my online marketing and social media campaigns, my website, the propositions I give my clients or how to approach each client more effectively, Simon is always bursting with fantastic ideas which I wish I’d had myself, as well as a clear, straightforward set of steps to take next.

Each conversation with Simon infuses me with more ideas, confidence and determination than any other source of research or support I can go to.