Red Bear Jewellery

My business, Red Bear Jewellery, had grown rapidly since start-up, it had been an exciting time.  Despite this positivity I had come to a crossroads, I didn’t know where to go next, I had many questions to answer: 

Do I want to grow?

How do I expand my business nationally?

Can I keep up with the extra demand?

Where should I target my efforts?

I first met Simon Monaghan of Business Doctors when I accepted an offer of a free Business Health Check.  I had attended a session organised by the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and run by the Business Doctors. 

Simon quickly grasped the real reason I started the business, what had driven me to go-it-alone, and tuned into where I could start to take steps toward the next stage of business growth.

Thanks to some Growth Accelerator funding I was able to engage Simon over a longer time period to help me develop a business plan. 

Simon and I undertook a Strategy Day, a very positive and enlightening experience where Simon helped me envision what the next steps should be whilst being very complimentary about what I had achieved so far.

He asked difficult questions, ones I had been avoiding asking myself, giving clarity to the direction I wanted to take the business. 

Simon developed a business plan, which I am now using to implement changes within my business.  Having an opportunity to work with someone of Simon’s experience has greatly influenced the way my business will operate in the future. 

Simon has given me the confidence to look at employing staff, creating new sales channels, and understanding how to better market by products. He has given me a direction to take my business in that I would have struggled to develop on my own. 

I would recommend Simon to any small business owner looking to develop a break-through business strategy.  His positive approach has helped me greatly by providing the confidence I needed to grow my business to the next level.