Worthy causes get Wildwood Media buzzing

Chris Newberry of Wildwood Media wanted to take the next step with his business and asked Peter Searle of Business Doctors Maidstone to help. The business had won awards, but revenue had plateaued

The process started with a Business Doctors no-nonsense 10 step review which took about 4 hours. From this came two significant points which had not been considered previously. Firstly, a business has the potential to have value if structured properly and therefore could form part of his retirement plan, if sold or passed on to others later. Secondly, Chris had strong beliefs and values about ethics and contributing to worthy causes. By developing the purpose of the business based upon his values a real excitement was generated.

Chris saw the benefit for others and the consequential growth potential. Whilst previously he had enjoyed the work and had wanted to increase income, with the newfound purpose for the business, he wanted it to grow, so others could benefit from his service and staff share his excitement.

With a framework in place, a monthly program to start implementation was agreed.

         “I’d like to thank you again for yesterday. It really helped clear a lot up in my mind and was extremely inspiring”….. I was buzzing ! … Chris Newberry. MD Wild Wood Media