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Malta Enterprise to issue €30m in funding schemes for SMEs in 2021



It has been recently announced by Malta Enterprise that a total of €30 million will be distributed via various incentives to provide financial aid to small and medium sized business aimed at growth, staff training, market reach and innovation.

Among these, three particular schemes will be available for business owners, one for providing support through consultancy services, another to assist companies following Brexit, and one that will provide funding to businesses which want to grow and be more innovative under the Business Re-engineering and Transformation Scheme.

Such schemes make it possible for businesses to asses their strategy and economic model and be better prepared when having to face challenging circumstances. Covid-19 has brought this need to the forefront, and it has also highlighted the importance of maintaining this frame-of-mind even after the pandemic subsides. Making your business more resilient and planning for the unexpected is an important factor for continued business success.

Most of the existing schemes are already available online while new ones are currently being discussed with the European Commission while also having the guidelines drafted in time for the launch later this year.  Further to this, €120 million are also projected to be available to provide funding support related to Covid measures, including the new wage supplement scheme for the first three months of this year

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