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Retaining Motivation Throughout the Year



We’re more than half way through 2017 which means that half the business year is already behind us. At the start of the New Year, it is very common for people’s motivation to be in overdrive and make resolutions which are unlikely to be maintained. How many New Year’s resolutions did you manage to go through with this year?

If your answer is ‘none at all’ then worry not, as most people fail in adhering to these resolutions, with 22% failing after merely one week, and 50% after three months. (Norcross & Vangarelli, 1988, as cited by Koestner 2008, p. 60).

The same applies at the workplace, people look back on the previous year and aspire to make the next one better by changing some behaviours or habits. As the new year comes and goes, and the months start rolling past, motivation dwindles, reality hits and unknowingly we fall back into the same old routine, forgetting about those resolutions and slip right back into doing what you always did in the way you’ve always done it.

It doesn’t always have to be the same old process. We can instil small changes in our daily life which will help us improve and grow both mentally as well as professionally.

Every morning, take a good look in the mirror, because it GIVES you a little bit of time to reflect. And here’s what your reflection can be about:
G – Great
I – Improve
V – Vulnerable
E – Edge
S – So What

Your personal outlook will influence your business

Daily reflection will influence where your business will go, and will help in providing that little bit of foresight we all want to have.

If I can’t see what’s great in what I do how can I expect my clients to?

Is there really no way at all I can improve? Is there nothing else I can do to create a better experience for my clients, my staff, my suppliers?

Where am I vulnerable? Who’s catching up on me and why?

What gives me the edge? What makes me different, better, stand out from the crowd?

And the ultimate question: so what does that mean for my clients, my staff, my suppliers? What impact am I having? Why should they keep working with me? And make no mistake, if any of them are working for you but not with you it’s time to return to the heart of it all and focus on projecting your passion towards your business to your employees.

Keep going…

Aim high but keep your goals clear and reachable, work on yourself and on improving the small things. Ask yourself these five questions every day and make sure you keep the ‘So What’ thriving in your business.

If you found the above tips useful but feel like you might need some extra support and guidance, get in touch and we’ll give you the helping hand you need.