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Sales as part of your business strategy

Rebecca Grech


A sales strategy is a well-defined and mapped-out plan aimed at selling products or services and increasing revenues. A sales strategy needs to be part of your global yearly business strategy. This is not something concrete but live document that is constantly improved upon and optimised, depending on market changes and the needs of your target audience, in order to achieve the desired business objective. A sales strategy involves identifying the business unique selling points (USPs), market analysis, and identifying the ideal sales channels appropriately. A successful sales strategy helps your team by giving them a clear course of action for achieving the outlined goals.

The importance of a sales strategy for your business

It is a common mistake for business owners to focus the major part of their energies on creating their marketing plan and product development or improvement while dedicating little to no time and/or sources to forging or refining a sales strategy plan.

Sales strategies differ greatly to marketing strategies, marketing aims to increase the exposure of your brand, product or service, whilst a sales plan is focused on attaining sales and bringing in quantifiable profits. Regardless of how excellent your marketing plan is, unless there is conversion to sales which is attained by having a good sales strategy in place, results will be minimal without much increase in revenue. A sales strategy is important because it is optimised and modified as you go along, moulding it to the customers you have and to their needs for purchasing your product or service. It helps you with fine-tuning the appropriate sales tactics while bringing in the right people to be part of your team.

How we can help with your sales strategy

You will have a tailor-made plan and hands-on support. We will assist you and your staff with putting into practice a sales plan suited for your business’ needs. Having a successfully implemented sales strategic plan as part of your business strategy will allow you to develop your own strategic sales process. Benefits of a good sales strategy include:

  • Understanding what converts leads to sales
  • Defining your business Unique Selling Points
  • Defining sales targets
  • Developing and improving selling strategies
  • Increase in competitive advantage
  • Staff are better informed and aware of the products or services
  • Improved and strengthen customer relations
  • Cost effectively turning your service/product into revenue
  • Growth in revenue streams

Through our Strategic Sale Management process, you will have a simple-to-use sales management tool that will be specifically tailored to your market and customer base with the aim of developing your business and helping you with growth.

The management tool will help you and your employees with:

  • Effective CRM (Customer Relation Management)
  • Data and competition analysis
  • Targeting and customer profiling for improving sales
  • Implementing effective strategies tailored to key clients.
  • How to get influencers on board
  • Customer surveys aimed at reviewing and improving customer service process
  • Sales opportunity analysis and activity management
  • Tracking and managing sales objectives
  • Reporting and providing sales forecasting
  • Analysing and optimising your sales funnel

Author: Rebecca Grech

I’m Rebecca Grech, your local business doctor for Malta

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