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Navigating change at the work place

Change is not easy and tends to be avoided by many, however in today’s ever-expanding market it is crucial for a business to succeed and flourish. The will and dedication to accept and embrace changes are important and can define how successful the process will be. It is common for employees to see change as an obstacle, a burden or a tedious and frustrating procedure whereas the familiar day to day is regarded as the norm, soothing and secure. However, with the right kind of change management implemented at an early stage during the process, the challenging and laborious tasks can be very rewarding and beneficial to the business in the long-run.

Managing change within a company is challenging as you will be faced by numerous colleagues or employees who will resist and set in their usual ways. When faced with such unavoidable situations what is the best way for moving forward?

What is change management?

Change management is a strategized approach suited to the needs of your business growth and aimed at dealing with the transition from the very start to the end of the process in which change would be successfully overcome. It puts into focus the end-business goals, such as the application of new technologies and systems, new organisational procedures, to remain competitive and effective. Change management helps companies plan for change and manage it successfully, rather than just react to it.
Through the implementation of various tried and tested business strategies, proper change management can put change into effect, control the intensity of how change occurs, and help people accept and adapt to it.

How can we help with overcoming change successfully?

Each business is unique and specific to its own market needs and can be affected by change in different ways. Through our knowledge and ample experience, we will review and assess your business, based on the company culture, structure, goals, roles, and current systems and procedures in place. We then are able to work on a change management strategy that will benefit your business while implementing the changes needed. Change cannot be isolated, it requires dedication and support from the people around you, your colleagues and employees working together towards achieving the same business goals.

Our dedicated team will help you adopt a process that will make this transition smoother.

  • We will focus on explaining clearly the rationale behind why such change to your workforce, while allowing staff to voice their concerns and have their say
  • Ensure all employees are involved in the process and are consulted especially about changes in business processes that may affect them directly
  • Providing the right kind of mentoring and training required by organising workshops that will help employees embrace this change
  • Create a plan of action for each and every step of the change management process

Benefits of proper change management implementation

  • Gives clarity on the kind of business change needed and what will be achieved – benefits can serve as motivators
  • Ability to assess overall impact of change and the risks it brings with it
  • Can anticipate challenges that might crop up along the way and be prepared to respond efficiently
  • Can anticipate and create a faster response time to customer needs and demands
  • The time needed to successfully implement change is reduced with proper planning
  • Implementing change without having the day-to-day running of your business being effected negatively
  • Efficiency is maintained if not improved by having your staff actively involved
  • Expected increase in employee performance as they feel supported and have a good understanding of the change process
  • Helps with aligning the organisation and change process with existing resources
  • Management of costs required to implement the change
  • Eventual increase in return-on-investment (ROI)

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