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Build your team around your Business with employee profiling

The most important resource for your business, while also being the most expensive investment, are the people that make up your workforce – your employees. When working together to create a strategic aimed plan for your business growth, we will look into the inner workings of your company and gain insight and knowledge about operations, the culture that pervades, and most especially, understanding what it takes for an employee to be a successful member of your team.

Regardless of whether you are hiring for your company or building a specific team for certain job, intelligent employee profiling will not only help with distinguishing the excellent candidates, but will also help you with understanding the individual to identify their potential strengths as well as weaknesses.

At Business Doctors, we can help you build a recruitment strategy and implement procedures that will assist with hiring and building the right team for your business. By analysing and understanding the roles being recruited for, we will identify the needs and plan your workforce around those needs. We will then outline the requirements and specifications of the ideal candidate and build your advertising strategy with the aim of appealing to the suitable candidates. Support and guidance can be provided to you throughout the entire recruitment process; by building your applications, personality questionnaires for employee profiling, interviewing and assessing candidates, and short-listing. Alternatively, you could opt for a fully managed service aimed head-hunting by actively searching for and selecting potentially good candidates. We can also provide you with independent recruitment advice and consultancy through cost-effective solutions.

Employee profiling can be implemented within businesses as a tool to:

  • Screen and select talent – basing assessments on job competency rather than interviewing ability and helps with eliminating costly decisions.
  • Evaluate talent – assessing existing employees to identify inherent strengths and weaknesses to bring out the best in their abilities through employee development practices. Talent inventory can help with aligning staff with your business mission and goals.
  • Promote successfully – by truly understanding the full abilities of your workforce, you can gain valuable knowledge that will allow you to successfully make internal movements.
  • Manage succession – the success of your business strongly depends on proper succession management. Current management might not be as fit as is needed to reach certain organisational goals. Investing in the company’s resources for its business future is key to success.
  • Employee profiling for specialist roles

When it comes to hiring for roles that require special skills, a hiring strategy is built around these needs and recruitment providers are brought in to assist with finding the right candidates for your role profile. By implementing effective processes built specifically to fit your needs, you will be able to decrease expenditure that is brought by high turnover rates. Whether you’re looking to hire for opportunities in sales, marketing, management, service provision, IT and technology, by implementing the right approach to each specific role, you can work towards building a team that will best benefit your business.

Benefits of Employee Profiling

By applying this knowledge in recruitment processes, chances of matching candidates to the required roles would be more likely and would in turn eliminate unnecessary administrative and training costs that are caused by turnover of employees. Having an insightful perspective in to what it would take to fill the vacant role with the ideal candidate would help you cutting out candidates who are not a good match from the initial phases of the hiring process and would not only diminish costs but also save time.

These following kinds of profiles are useful for the screening phase of potential candidates, in various areas such as:

  • Intra-company movement of employees
  • Retaining existing talent
  • Employee career planning
  • Succession planning
  • Selecting for promotions,
  • Improve team building
  • Pre-partnering assessment for individuals


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