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Engaging your workforce through Human Resource Practices

Human Resources for growing employee engagement

As Business Doctors, we can provide you with a number of various human resource related services aimed at improving your employees’ attitude and motivation at the workplace. Our Engagement Multiplier Program is used by employers and aims to get an overall honest assessment from teams about current procedures and operations while helping with tracking and increasing general employee engagement. Through the use of simple and anonymous surveys, addressing various issues and practices within the company, we will provide you with a customised employee engagement report based on the result of these surveys, that will help you with gaining proper understanding and insight into the views of your existing employee engagement levels. This will allow you to clearly assess the teams in your company who are fully engaged or identify the ones that need to be worked upon to go that little bit further, allowing you to focus your attention where it is most needed. In addition, you will have access to your scorecard online as well as a dashboard displaying the results. The end result is more productive and motivated employees who are committed in achieving your business objectives.
These surveys can greatly benefit your business by:

  • Collecting honest opinions and views from all the employees in your company
  • Set measures and put them into place
  • Improve and track staff morale as employees who feel more valued are more productive and loyal to their employers and overall company success
  • Increase employee retention and commitment to your business – staff turnover can be reduced by 87% through engaged organisations
  • Improve efficiency with productivity levels resulting in 20% higher than the average company
  • Higher customer retention – happier employees results in happier customers and an improved employee retention level of up to 10% increase than the average company standard

Staff Motivation as part of your Human Resources Strategy

The most essential step to putting your business plan into action is making sure that you have a team of people who are motivated and committed to reaching the same end business goal. This can be achieved by engaging and involving your employees in the new process being implemented, giving them ownership of the changes and allowing them to take responsibility for their role in the making it happen. When your team takes ownership of the business objectives, targets and action plans, they become accountable to themselves and to your business. This enables individuals to self-manage their own performance and for you to support them through positive encouragement, recognition and reward. The results are company-wide engagement, through proactive employees who are committed and take actions that are consistent with your company’s strategic goals and objectives.

Happy Employees are good employees

Having a strong and purposeful Human Resource Strategy is a crucial cog in the machine that is your business. The happiness in your employees is hugely important for the thriving of any organisation, as happy employees are better workers, more collaborative when working in teams and generally more productive and efficient. But why does happiness correlate so heavily with increase in productivity?

  • Happy employees care more about the well-being of the company and are more driven towards working together to achieve the end goals. Happiness leads to them feeling more committed and invested in the organisation itself
  • Happy employees are more loyal and resilient to the challenges they face on the job. This tends to result in lower company turnover rates, therefore, resulting in less time and money spent on hiring staff and training them
  • Happiness at the workplace leads to overall healthier employees. Stressed out and unhappy employees feel more drained and unmotivated, they take more sick days off and aren’t as efficient
  • Happy environments multiply happiness. When employees are happy, customers are happy and bosses are also happy, resulting in increased company success
  • Happy employees are more prone to stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking risks, leading to increased ideas and innovative solutions to overcome organisational needs

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