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As part of the official service providers for the Business Enhance ERDF SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme by the Measures and Support Division, we can help you with getting easy access to an 80% refund for consultancy services that can take your business to the next level! The aim of this scheme is to support enterprises through the provision of external consultancy services to analyse the potential of future investment and operational interventions. The scheme is intended to help entrepreneurs, managers and business owners in creating business strategies to ensure sustainability and growth.

You, as an owner of a small or medium sized company, could be eligible for an 80% refund, up to a maximum of €4,000, to fund the support that we provide. Specifically, this scheme is designed to support SMEs in the development of Business Plans, Organisation and Operations Reviews, Feasibility Studies, and Process and Systems Reviews.

How we can help with getting EU Funding for your Business Growth

We know that businesses, be it micro, small or medium-sized operations, often find it difficult and time consuming to track down funding. It might also be the case that when businesses do find out what is required, due to the red tape and form filling required, these forms and applications end up on your to-do pile that keeps being put off due to more pressing business operational issues. We can help you understand which kind of business funding will best benefit your company’s needs. With a selection of various funding opportunities which your business could benefit from, such as business consultancy or strategy consulting required for improvements like business expansion, internationalisation, diversification and innovation, we will help you with making the right steps forward.

How EU funding can help

  • The economic support for bringing new developmental ideas to life
  • The introduction, upgrading and integration of e-commerce solutions enabling and assisting with online selling of various products or services
  • Expansion in the capacity of the establishment to enable sustainable growth
  • Diversification of the services or products that is offered by the company to the public
  • Fundamental change and improvement in the overall production process of the business
  • Investment in new or improved products, processes and procedures and advanced technological systems
  • Organisation innovation to assist with employee motivation and engagement in order to increase efficiency
  • Process innovation to improve current or newly implemented tasks and job
  • The internationalisation of products and services for market expansion

Available EU funding schemes

  • e-Commerce Grant Scheme – targeted at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with the aim of supporting and encouraging businesses to help them with increasing competitive advantage by integrating e-commerce through online sales.
  • Start-up Investment Grant Scheme – provides tangible assistance to start-ups from the early stages by part-financing the initial investment in assets so as to realise business growth strategies.
  • SME Growth Grant Scheme – provides business support through non-repayable grants to financially assist investments directed at implementing growth strategies which are related to expanding establishment capacity.
  • SME Diversification and Innovation Grant Scheme – provides support with the cultivation of the right kind of business environment that will aid with the company’s future business growth. This also works towards incentivising SMEs to address challenges within the market while adapting and becoming more resilient.
  • SME Internationalisation Grant Scheme – aimed at part-financing costs involved when participating in International Business Promotion Fairs that take place outside the Maltese border. This will help with introducing the products or service offered by a business to an international market presence.
  • SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme – assists by providing partial financing for the procurement of external consultancy services that are aimed business growth. Such services can be used for the re-engineering of organisational operations for improved efficiency, or of processes and technological systems involved in making it more efficient.

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