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Whether a business overcomes such challenges positively, hugely depends on the people behind it. Providing your employees with the right kind of feedback is essential in any business. It can improve on current employee shortcomings as well as highlight where they excel and provide proper motivation to keep up the good job.

By implementing a 360°feedback approach during your employee appraisals, you can get different opinions regarding each persona from everyone on the team at multiple verticals including subordinates, seniors/managers as well as same-level colleagues and possibly even clients. When providing feedback about each other within a team, it can be uncomfortable to start off with, however, it then easily becomes ingrained as a common company culture that is aimed at improving and growing the employees. The power of the 360º feedback, is in the detailed qualitative and quantitative report generated, which can identify training needs, skills gaps and perceptions from different areas inside and occasionally outside of the organisation.

360 feedback for promoting personal development and growth

360 Feedback is designed to give structured feedback on the employees’ current performance against the corporate competence profile. By providing employees a 360° outlook, it helps to give them feedback from different perspectives and gives the individual a benchmark of how employees see their own performance by comparing their self-perception with the views of others and focus their self-development appropriately. This kind of all-round feedback is very useful for companies that want to improve their talent management, their employees’ personal development, and analyse training needs.

Pros of having the proper feedback

  • Makes employees more self-aware
  • Encourages dialogue among colleagues and across all verticals
  • Strengthens relationships and deepens bonds
  • Improves team effectiveness
  • Enhances and improves employee performance
  • Helps identify where problems are and provide the right kind of training to tackle these
  • Stimulates self-learning and development

How can Business Doctors support?

  • Develop salary structure
  • Development of human resources policies
  • Performance reviews and 360° feedback
  • Set up performance-related reward mechanisms
  • Conduct performance appraisals

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