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Three Strategies to Escape the Owner’s Trap

Daniel Bugeja

  1. Streamline Your Offering:

To avoid the expense of a high-salaried replacement, narrow down your core offering instead of trying to replace your broad expertise. Focusing on a specific target market and a concise range of products/services can be more effective.

  1. Implement a Question Diary:

While building his digital marketing agency, Steven Davies opted to document employee questions instead of immediately answering them. This question diary evolved into a comprehensive business manual, presented as an Excel spreadsheet with 50 tabs, detailing various processes.

Build a business manual by documenting employee questions. Resist the urge to answer immediately; instead, create standard operating procedures (SOPs) from compiled queries. This empowers your staff to develop expertise, making the manual the go-to reference.

  1. Alphabetical Employee Listing:

Downplay your role by listing employees alphabetically on your website, rather than by seniority. Titles like “Head of Culture” and “Head of Product” obscure seniority, reducing the likelihood of customers defaulting to contacting you directly.

Stepping out of the Owner’s Trap gives you the freedom to work on your terms and turns your business into a valuable asset. Implement these strategies to set your business on a path to autonomy and long-term success.

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Author: Daniel Bugeja

I’m Daniel Bugeja, your local business doctor for Malta

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