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Transport Malta Introduces a €150,000 Green Travel Fund for SMEs



Transport Malta has announced a new scheme aimed at encouraging private companies to assess their transportation conditions, establish goals for greener travel, and put those goals into action.

The €150,000 initiative will be part of a refunded contribution and which will be divided into three categories: €24,000 for large businesses, €15,000 for medium businesses, and €10,000 for small and micro businesses. There are three awards available in each category.

To be eligible, businesses must produce a two-year action plan that includes at least two distinct alternative modes of transportation in the first year and an extra mode in the second year, as well as a partnership with a service and logistics provider.

Data has revealed that the majority of travels undertaken by businesses are for commuting purposes, with most of the trips being done by drivers in their private car without having any accompanying passengers. This demonstrates that there is plenty of potential for improving the transportation system and advancing its sustainability and efficiency. According to Transport Malta, this scheme intends to encourage private firms to challenge such behavior for the advantage of both the employer and the employee given the widespread practice of single car users traveling for business purposes. This scheme aims to accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility services by businesses and encourage the use of third-party services for the company’s transportation needs. This will ultimately help with reducing emissions and help Malta achieve its goal of decarbonizing transportation.

Eligible incentives under the program include actions to encourage employees to take public transportation, walk or cycle to work, use shared mobility and micro-mobility services, and implement technology to help with reducing the need for employees and clients to commute to and from the offices.

To apply and get funding from the scheme, applicants must give a general overview of their current situation, including information on the locations of their offices, the staff modal split, and existing facilities, as well as what they hope to accomplish and how they plan to achieve their goals. Businesses are also encouraged to consider options including remote working, flexible or hybrid working and introducing technologies that will reduce the need for employees to commute on a regular basis.

Applications are open until the 15th of October 2022. For more information get in touch on or call us on 79903685. We can help you with the application process and preparation of documents needed to apply for funding under this scheme.