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What are research and development tax credits?

Lynne Rawlinson


R & D Tax Credits are about rewarding the innovation taking place in UK businesses every day in terms of devices, materials, processes, products, services and systems.
Suitable for almost any business
R&D Tax Credits are not just for men in white coats working in laboratories; they apply to nearly all UK business for a variety of reasons.
R & D Tax Credits are the Government’s way of rewarding business that are developing new, or appreciably improving existing products, processes, systems and materials – and thereby increasing the country’s wealth creation capacity.
High average claim
A typical R&D Tax claim is in excess of £47,000 per UK company, so the rewards can be great for a small amount of effort.
Take our free R&D tax audit
As part of our small business advisory service, we have constructed a short online audit to help you assess whether there is an opportunity for you to receive tax relief.  Take the free audit.

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