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Professional or tradesperson v entrepreneur, the implications for your business.



For a variety of reasons many people start a business. Not unexpectedly many of the businesses created are usually associated with the trade or profession the person was trained in. Because they are skilled and motivated to make the business a success their passion shines through and the business begins to grow. It is during the growth spurt after starting the business you need to reassess your business motives to avoid becoming trapped by the business.

Assuming that basic needs are satisfied and a sensible work life balance is considered to be vital for performance in the workplace there are two options to consider when thinking about the future. The options are, work dedicated to a vocation or being a business manager.

If you are running your own business then you have to consider, do you ultimately want to manage a business or do you want to excel in your specialist function and have someone else manage the business side? Answering this fundamental question will determine the recruitment program when a start-up starts to grow.

The decision, vocation or manage, does not have to be binding forever. It can be a two, three, five or a ten year plan and when the time comes you can have a new plan. For owners of business the consideration as to how to finally exit the business will also play a part, it is easier to exit from a role managing a business than a from a vocational role.