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There are libraries of books on selling techniques here are a few of the latest…

You can fill a good sized public library with all the books written about sales and selling techniques. Here a few that are top of mind at the moment…

Never accept indecision as the outcome of sales

No decision or indecision is the most likely outcome in the majority of sales processes. But in doing so the buyer is accepting to “do nothing.” A good salesperson will never willingly accept that. No, is debatably something that can be actively challenged. But “I am not making a decision” even more so. As behind it lies as lack of appreciation of what is being sold. Most likely it points to the buyer failing to see the benefit of your proposal and why adopting it is critical to their own success

Sell what is different, not what is similar

Sales offerings have many similarities. For example, one car brand does much the same as another. It is only by emphasising the differences in your own offering that you will engage the customer away from any focus on like for like features, terms and conditions. But the initial sale is made, as the seller you can never stand still – the product and service must be constantly innovated, if not then your competition will prepare to imitate and worse out differentiate you at the time of the next sales decision.

Contrast your story, build one together

Customers buy products but they also buy the story behind the product – why – because they sell on the same basis. One law firm can do much as another, but if the history and the heritage are different so too will be their customers. So tell the story – if yours is one of achievement through hard work, ingenuity, and even fun, then it differentiates you. Once you have secured a customer it is, of course, your joint story that is your greatest asset in continuing a relationship. Separation has both an explicit cost but also an implicit one which your customer will not want to incur – your story of working together is an asset to you both.

The customer is always the hero

If by helping your customer with your own service and/or product you can help them become the hero of their own story then they will buy from you. To do that requires understanding their story – their heritage, successes and aspirations. Understand them well, by speaking less and asking more – listen, reflect and serve your customer accordingly – if they win, you win. So always focus on their success and how to give it to them – the successful sale is not about you – it is about them and always will be.

Props outsell a good movie

Most people respond to visual stimulation and perhaps more strongly to tangible engagement. With a physical product the use of a model or a real sample brings the sales process to life. Props create a physical reminder of the product that impacts beyond the immediate sales discussion. They become the basis of recall. A physical prop left in the customer’s hands will outlive any video or audio promotion supporting the sale. It will persist as a reminder long after you leave.

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